We aren’t able to upcycling everything, we don’t work on artificial fibers as well as we don’t work on wool, gel, polyamide, polyester, nylon. We process products made of fibers such as cotton, linen, viscose. That’s why we want to show you what’s going on, how badly you indicate the type of fiber from which your clothes are.

REMEMBER! Check the PERCENTAGE COMPOSITION of your product, you can find this information on the LABEL. .

(If you don’t know the meaning of some words, check the FAQ / frequently asked question, there you will find the answer. If not, write to us, we will be happy to explain).

Why not polyester, polyamide, nylon?

We aren’t able to dye polyester, polyamide, nylon, because each of these fibers behaves in an unpredictable way, so we don’t want to expose you to pay for something that we know in advance that we aren’t able to do. Side effects that arise are the pilling of the product, the wrinkling of the material, as well as the product will not be dyed as you would like. Check out our RISKS to see how unnatural fibers behave.

Why not wool, velor?

Wool, velor are fibers that we aren’t able to dye in a finished product, these fibers require a finish that can only be done by the manufacturer in the so-called. rolls, in special machines specially prepared for these fibers.

Why not locks, applications, sequins, beads?

If your clothing has this type of elements, there is a very high probability that the zippers will not dye, damage the clothing, the app will get damaged, deformed, the sequins will deform, and the corals will come off.Many of these elements were sewn already on the finished product for the purpose of so-called. hand wash not intended for washing in the washing machine.

Do you need more information about us?

Remember that all your purchases should be aware and thoughtful. The service we propose is to repaint your clothes that are in the closet. Check frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any doubts, don’t wait and check.


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