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ATTENTION! PRICES ARE VARIOUS, DEPENDING ON THE QUANTITY.. By buying 1 piece you pay 49.99 zł per piece. If you choose to send from 2 to 5 pieces you will pay 44.99 zł per piece. By sending from 6 to 9 pieces you will pay 39.99 zł per piece, and with 10 items you will pay 34.99 zł per piece. Check out the DISCOUNT CODES below.

Gather a group of friends, complete a minimum of 20 pieces, which you want to dye at the same time, for example, vintage graphite or flat or black flat grenade, and use OCCASION. The discount will be charged AUTOMATIC after adding 20 pieces to the basket. Instead of paying PLN 49.99, you will pay PLN 29.99 per piece.

DISCOUNT COUPON for WITHOUT A RUSHit’s a lower price for a longer deadline for your order. If you are the type of person who can wait, which isn’t in a hurry and the time of the order isn’t so urgent, the SLOWDOWN20 is for you!

Instead of 7-14 business days, the delivery time will be 30-60 business days.

Instead of paying 49.99 PLN, you will pay 29.99 PLN per piece.

Don’t wait for an opportunity!

DISCOUNT for SLOW FASHIONis addressed to entrepreneurs! If you have unsold or stock collections in stock, please write to US via the contact form.

We will try to help you give your clothes a SECOND LIFE that you can sell as a new collection! Write to US for more details.

Write to US for more details.

DISCOUNT COUPON for ONLY THIS ONE TIME, it is a one-time discount code for subscribing to our newsletter-10. You will receive the code by email.

Stay up to date and grab discounts!

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Remember that all your purchases should be aware and thoughtful. The service we propose is to repaint your clothes that are in the closet. Check frequently asked questions and answers. If you have any doubts, don’t wait and check.


You’ll be on the beat with offers and you’ll get a discount-10 for everything!

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