Skipped, simply cut, because it scratches and bites – the label, says a lot about our clothing, but it is often ignored. There is little chance of breaking through with important information for us consumers.

Choose a natural composition

We buy a lot of clothes, but do we look at their composition? We buy because we like the style or the color? Entering the store, we are primarily guided by our taste. We look for clothes that fit our silhouette, style and season. It’s also worth checking the label, if it’s what encourages us visually – it’s also safe for us. Has a wool coat, has a little wool in the composition, or a silk blouse isn’t connected to a polyester fiber. On the Polish market, the greater part of clothes is made of artificial ones
and synthetic fibers that don’t let through the air and aren’t friendly to our environment, but above all to our skin. The king of artificial fibers is undoubtedly polyester. To sprawia, że pocisz się latem i elektryzuj zimą. Remember, choose clothing made of natural fibers such as cotton, tencel, viscose, silk, linen! Clothes with such a composition will serve you longer and you will feel comfortable in them.

How to wash?

Chlorine or not chlorine? Dry in the drum, or leave it on the hanger? Hand wash or in the washing machine? What do all signs really mean?

Correct reading of the label will allow us to safely clean our clothing – which will translate into it’s longer use.


Sustainable development doesn’t only apply to large corporations and companies involved in the production of our clothing. It also WE in everyday activities that we contribute to change for the better. Choosing laundry
at the lowest temperature, we reduce energy consumption. If you want to refresh your clothes, choose low temperatures. Remember that the washing machine shouold be always full – this will allow you to economise on energy and water.

Iron clothes only made of natural fibers. Artificial and synthetic fibers under the influence of the temperature of the iron will burn and deform. Remember to iron the clothing that needs it, in this way it will rationally consume electricity.

A dryer, it’s convenience and saves time, but it doesn’t save electricity! Use the dryer rationally.

Reading the information on labels, we protect ourselves and our environment. Symbols and composition don’t have to be difficult to read. Having knowledge about the proper selection of the composition and the correct washing will allow us to enjoy the good quality of the product. The label is also information about the origin of our product. By supporting our domestic industry – we choose consciously and wisely. We oppose weaknesses and poor working conditions in countries where the clothing industry is exploitation. Remember, we have the largest tool – choice.