FAQ – questions and answers

FAQ– frequently asked questions

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Main questions and answers

What clothing can I dye?

Pants, t-shirt, dress, jacket, jeans, bag, shoes, towels, bedding everything that is made of fiber of natural plant origin.

What's upcycle clothing?

It’s a form of dying old clothes, i.e. changing the color, adding special effects etc.

What is natural fiber?

It’s a fiber without artificial additives. A natural fiber is for example, cotton, viscose, linen.

What is artificial fiber?

It’s a fiber without natural additives. An artificial fiber is e.g. polyester, polyamide, nylon, acrylic.

What is a care label?

A care label is a label located inside your clothing that contains information about the composition of the material from which your clothing is made.

Do the items delivered to UpDiwu.pl have to be washed out?

The items for dyeing must be clean.

Can my clothes be polyamide / polyester?

No. These fibers will deform during deformation, they will wavy, there will be permanent crumples and other damage. In the RISKS tab, you can check how a product made of these fibers looks after the dyeing process.

Can my clothes be made of wool / velor?

No. These fibers aren’t able to be dyed in the finished product, as they require finishing only by the manufacturer in the so-called rolls,
in special machines prepared only for woolen / velor fibers and the others like that. In the RISKS tab, you can check how a product made of these fibers looks after the dyeing process.

Can my clothes have buttons, sequins, embroideries, zippers, naps or other applications?

Yes, but keep in mind that items such as zippers, press studs, jets, sequins, beads or other applications will damage, fall off and damage clothing during the dyeing process. Embroidery can be deformed, dyed, ripped off. These elements were sewn already on the finished product with the purpose of the so-called hand washing, not intended for washing in the washing machine.

In the RISKS tab, you can check how a product made of these fibers looks after the dyeing process.

Can the base color rebuild the dyeing process?

Yes. Some finished products may not be dyed. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the risks in the RISKS tab.

Will the threads dye during the dyeing process?

If polyester threads are used on the clothing during the dyeing process, they will only get dirty or stay completely in the base color.
If cotton is used on the clothing during the dyeing process, it will dye on the selected color. We can’t read this information from the care label.

Can threads break / damage my clothes?

Yes. Cotton threads may break and damage. Cotton threads are fragile and can be destroyed during the dyeing process. You need to rethink and consciously take the risk of dying your clothes.

Can I read what type of thread my clothing has on the care label?

No. There isn’t such information on the care label. Have to rethink
and consciously take the risk of dying the clothing.

Can my clothes be reduced after the dyeing process?

Yes. There is a high probability that the clothing will shrink which mean that it’ll reduce its indifference / size. You need to rethink and consciously take the risk of dying your clothes.

How many sizes can my clothing decrease after the dyeing process?

We can’t predict it. Clothing can be reduced by one size or more; it may also not decrease at all. You need to rethink and consciously take the risk of dying your clothes.

Can my clothes increase after the dyeing process?

Yes. There is existence of a high probability that clothing can lose it’s properties and increase it’s volume / size. You need to rethink and consciously take the risk of dying your clothes.

Can I make my personal clothes dyed?

No. We can’t do the dyeing of panties, socks, bras. We don’t make any dyeing of personal clothing.

If I have already dyed the clothing on UpDiwu.pl, can I make a re-dye once again?

Yes. However, it should be remembered that the fabric / knit can be weakened and there may appear holes, abrasions, damage to the clothing that will not allow it’s further use may arise.

Are the effects made as dyeing processes permanent?

Effects made by updiwu.pl under the influence of use can change.

How to wash clothes after the dyeing process?

We recommend hand washing without the use of a dryer. In addition it’s recommended to wash hand-made products in 30 degrees Celsius, using washing liquids for delicate fabrics; Don’t use strong detergents and bleaches.

What is a Little Artist?

The Little Artist is a module in which you can design artistic spots, holes, etc. that we will make on your clothing.

What are the Risks?

We aren’t able to upcycling everything, we don’t work on artificial fibers as well as we don’t work on wool, gel, polyamide, polyester, nylon. We process products made of fibers such as cotton, linen, viscose. That’s why we want to show you what’s going on, how badly you indicate the type of fiber from which your clothes are.

What if my clothing doesn't have a label, can I provide such an item for the updiwu?

Yes, but you must remember that after our consideration the product may not be good for repainting and you will be refunded, also you will have to collect the goods or decide at your own risk to undertake the process of dyeing

What is the best material for the dyeing process?

Clothing made of knitwear, cotton, linen, cotton with elastane, viscose with elastane. However, it should be remembered that also products made of these materials may be damaged.

What is the best material composition for the dyeing process?

Clothing made among others 80% cotton; among others 80 % lnu ;mix bawełna /elastan; mix viscose /cotton /elastane. However, it should be remembered that also products made of these materials may be damaged.

What kind of material can't clothing have for the dyeing process?

Clothing can’t have fur, plastic or plastics.

Will all stains be covered during the dyeing process?

It may happen that none of the spots will be covered during the process of dyeing. We aren’t able to predict whether the dyeing will succeed or not. You must take a risk of dyeing. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the risks in the RISKS tab.

If the dyeing fails, will I get my clothes?

Yes, all realizations are delivered to the customer. If you want to utilize your clothing, please let us know. We will utilize them for you.

Will I get a refund if my realization fails?

No. You should consciously approach the subject of dyeing and be aware that clothing may be damaged or completely damaged. We invite you to read the regulations and threats in the RISKS tab.

Can I give a jacket to dye?

Yes. However, it should be remembered that the sewn-on lining can be damaged, torn or shrink. The jacket can become deformed.

Can I give artificial leather clothes to dye?

Not everything can be upcycled, we don’t work on artificial fibers.

Do the effects that I designed in the Little Artist module or by sending my project will look the same in my clothing?

We will try to perform it as much as your project. But you must be aware that the effects designed by the Small Artist module or by sending a project may look different on your product.

Will updiwu.pl use my project for other projects?

Each realization (successful or unsuccessful) will be available for inspection on the updiwu.pl website – we invite you to read the regulations before proceeding.

If my clothing consists of different materials, will the product be uniformly dyed?

No. Each of the materials will be dyed differently. Some materials may not dye. Artificial fibers will not be dyed, natural fibers of vegetable origin will dye. However, you should be aware that the product will have different colors. If the product consists of several different materials or one, but the supplier has sewn it from several beams, there will be color differences.

Can my product have so-called peeling, which are small balls?

Yes. The material can peel which means permanently pilling the product.

If my product had holes, can they increase during the dyeing process?

Yes. Any defects in clothing, such as stains or holes, may become more visible during the dyeing process. The stains can become fixed and may not be covered, the holes can increase – there may be puffs and large stitches.

If my pants have a lot of lycra, can something happen?

Yes. During the process of dyeing, lycra may be damaged, so-called it will break and it will be a visible defect.

Can I also ask you to shorten the product, e.g. trousers, on request?

All available options can be found in the order module. If you haven’t found what you are interested in, write to us, we will try to help you.

About our services

What does it mean UpDiwu.pl?

UPDIWU UPCYCLE DO IT WITH US is a project created for the upcycling look at fast fashion, which causes gigantic generation of garbage. We want to show you that used clothing can get a second life, our project will help you refresh your clothing which is in your wardrobe, to which you have a fondness or want to get rid of it, but you don’t know how.

How can I register?

In the upper right corner of our page there is a link “Register / Log in”, click “Create an account”, after completing all the required fields and accepting the regulations you will go to your account.

How can I log in?

In the upper right corner of our page there is a “Register / Log in” option, after clicking you will be taken to the section of secure login, where you will be asked to enter your login and password.

How can I change my password?

Login to the website, go to your account options and click “Edit account”. In the new window will display the “Change password” section in which you will be prompted to enter the current password, the new password and it’s confirmation.

What to do if I forget my password?

When you try to log in, click “I forgot my password”. There will be a screen displayed asking for an email address to which we will send a reminder.

How can I change the data provided during registration?

After logging in to your account, please click “Edit account” and then you can change the data that needs to be adjusted.

Can I place an order by phone?

No. Each order takes place through the shop www.updiwu.pl

How can I contact to the Customer Service Office?

All inquiries regarding complaints should be sent to the e-mail address service@updiwu.pl; inquiries regarding orders should be sent to the e-mail address custom@updiwu.pl.

I didn't found what I was looking for?

Contact us via custom@updiwu.pl or by using “My own project” contact form.

What are the payment methods?

We provide our clients with the following payment methods:
Cash before doing service at UpDiwu.pl headquarters at ul. 3 Maja 64/66 Łódź

In what currencies can I make a payment?

We accept payments in PLN.

At what time can I make a deposit?

The payment should be made immediately after placing the order. You will be redirected to the Przelewy24.pl website

Is it possible to receive an invoice?

Yes. You have to complete the invoice data at the time of purchase.

Is there a possibility of deferred payment?

No. The order is processed after payment and delivery of goods to UpDiwu.pl

Can I cancel the order after making the transfer?

The order is transferred to realization immediately after sending the assortment to the headquarters of UpDiwu.pl. It is not possible to withdraw the order yourself. You should notify the resignation by email at service@updiwu.pl – this information will result in a refund to the account from which it was made.

Can I change orders after making a transfer and delivery of goods to UpDiwu.pl?

In the case of changes to the product delivered to UpDiwu.pl, it’s not possible to make changes / it’s possible to change only for goods that haven’t been delivred to realization yet. The changes to the order should be notified by email at service@updiwu.pl. The order will be canceled. The new order should be submitted via UpDiwu.pl

What is the deadline for realization the order?

Deadlines for order fulfillment are determined when choosing a product.

If I order two items, but they will be delivered and made separately, can I get them in one package?

No. Each separate order requires the purchase of a courier service.

Can I pick up the goods at headquaters of UpDiwu.pl?

Yes. Orders can be picked up at ul. 3 Maja 64/66 in Łódź. When you are finalizing your order, you must choose the option to provide “personal collection”.

Where can I check the status of order fulfillment?

The status of the order is visible in the order history for registered customers. Each order is automatically generated by emails confirming the status of the order: confirmation of the order, delivery of goods to UpDiwu.pl and acceptance of the order for processing, sending the order and information about the number of the consignment note.

Do all of the products displayed on the website are available?

Yes. On the website of the UpDiwu.pl store are photos of all possible realizations that are available.

How can I make sure that the purchase process has been carried out correctly?

After making the order and payment, you will receive a confirmation to your e-mail.

What does mean the order statuses sent to my e-mail account and visible on orders in the Customer panel? Goes Here

Placing a new order – your order has been confirmed in our database and is waiting for delivery of your clothing;
The product was delivered to UpDiwu.pl – Your clothing has reached UpDiwu and the order is being processed
Realized and sent – your order has been completed and sent
Received – you have picked up your order

How can I sign up for the newsletter?

At the bottom of our page is an option to sign up to the newsletter by entering your email and clicking subscribe, you agree to receive the newsletter then.

How can I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

If you want to unsubscribe from the newsletter, please report it to service@updiwu.pl

What is the delivery cost of the package?

The cost of the package is 24 PLN

Can I order my courier to collect the package?

No. All packages are sent by DPD courier.

Can I personally pick up the package?

Yes. When finalizing the order, select the option “personal collection”

Can I order a courier with the option of delivery abroad?

Yes, but you should contact the Customer Service Office for a valuation.

How can I return the goods?

You have to complete the withdrawal form, unless your order is processed in accordance with your guidelines, then you don’t have the right to cancel the contract.
The completed application can be sent to service@updiwu.pl or to a mailing address.
If you want to know the status of your application, you can send inquiries to our e-mail or correspondence address.

How can I make complaint about goods?

Please fill out the complaint form, which should be delivered together with the advertised article to our mailing address.
We have 14 days to process your complaint if you want to know the status of your application, you can send an inquiry by email service@updiwu.pl

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